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Yovan brindou

Dr Kasper (ESL 91)

Dear David and Marilyn Rigler:

It is a great pleasure for me to write you this letter, because I think that it is the only way to let you know my feeling about what happened to Genie because I cannot see you to talk to you about that. As volunteers to be the foster parents of a little girl that everybody had pity on her, that was a great step you made; not only for her but you were blessed in front of God because she needed help, assistance and many more. However, your behavior at the end surprised me because no one could think that you were able to leave her alone. After getting so much money, you decide to leave her alone without thinking about where she will go to and what she will be in her future life.

Can you tell me why you did not want to keep Genie? Did you think that you were not able to help her to recover? Or did you think that you were wasting your time? Did you want to get money from the government just because you want to be rich? Why did you drop her?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. To me, I think that only the devil is able to behave like that. Why exploit her like an animal, yet you are psychologists, which mean you should know what to do to help her to recover even if it has to take forever because you do not use your money to take care of her; you use the money from the government, so you should do that for love. Genie needed family, circle of friends, love to be successful. Let’s say that she was your real daughter, would you leave her?

Here’s something important you should know. You should know that money is a material that represents the devil. Money comes and goes anytime. You might be very poor today and suddenly you become the richest, but we only have one life that we should take care of. In our one life we should love each other to enjoy it because life does not come back like money does. I want you to sit down and think about that. Think about what you did for Genie.  Ask yourselves; could we have done more for Genie as foster parents? What did we do for her that was good or bad? Can she live without assistance? If not, then why did we drop Genie? What is she going to be without a specific family in her future?

            God has a plan for all of us in our life. We should know how to act in front of any situation that comes to us just because of our future. We never know what might happen the future because you might get help from people that you helped in your passed because you were nice and your behavior was appreciated. However, if you had bad behavior in your passed and the only thing you used to do was to take advantage of others peoples then you will be forgotten by people whenever you get problem and you will be awarded by your behavior.   That is my opinion and my feeling I wanted to share with you and I hope you will be aware of what you have done wrong or right to Genie.



                        Yovan brindou